About Us

Welcome to IntoTheTerraces, a new website designed to journey into the heart of the Beautiful Game. Mixing in-depth features on clubs, players and fan culture with a light hearted look at recent stories, we bring you the best of the phenomenon that is football.

Following the headings above, you can navigate through the website and take a look at our content. Our Features and Fan Culture areas will contain articles all about the real stories behind football, far beyond what we see on the pitch. These are the stories that have turned 22 men in shorts kicking a ball around in a field into the game of the Universe, something that obsesses us in seemingly irrational and unexplainable ways. We want to try to explain, by entering that world of irrationality and chaos and understanding what makes the game go on.

Our other sections include the Hall of Fame, and Flashbacks, where we look at cult heroes, great goals and famous fixtures: these are the stories of how we fell in love with the game as kids. Terrace culture isn’t all casual clothing, protests and snarling at away fans; it’s also about having fun and embracing that childish love of football that makes our eyes light up still when we turn the corner and see the stadium lit up in front of us.

So, without further ado, have a click through the headings and take a look at our content. The weird, the wonderful, the beauty and the chaos, football has it all in spades, and we are going to be there, in the thick of it.